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Life Insurance in Connecticut

In Connecticut we have laws regarding home, auto and health insurance but purchasing life insurance is optional. However is should be considered essential for every adult who has dependents that rely on their income. While life insurance doesn't have any benefit for you during your lifetime, it does let you go throughout your days without fear of how your partner, kids or other loved ones will get by financially if you suddenly pass away.

When purchase a life insurance policy, you'll need to choose between whole life and term life coverage. Whole life coverage stays in effect for the remainder of your life, as long as you're paying the premiums. Term life insurance is less expensive, but expires at the end of the term which can be as short as 10 years or as long as 30 years. One of these policies may be a better option for you and the team at our Connecticut insurance agency can explain the benefits of each.

If you live in West Hartford, CT, life insurance is easy to obtain, and you should purchase an amount that's at least ten times the amount of your yearly income. So if you bring in $60,000 a year, your policy should be $600,000. Even if you have a policy through work or another organization, having your own policy provides extra protection should one of those policies be canceled.

In West Hartford, CT, StateChoice Insurance is an independent insurance agency focused on helping you understand your life insurance options, answering your questions and assisting you in finding an insurance policy that meets your needs. Contact us today to talk to one of our team members and learn about the security that having a life insurance policy in place affords you.