Safe ATV Riders: Insurance Companies Love You

Unless you spend a greater portion of your waking hours in a cave, you probably know that safe drivers don’t cost their insurers nearly as much money as those who are less careful.  That’s a fact of life.  What might not be as obvious to most is the fact that the same principle applies to younger drivers as it does to older ones.  Plainly stated, younger drivers are more prone to take more chances when they drive than older drivers, which causes them to have more accidents and as a result, cost their insurance companies more money to have them as customers.  

This is the prime reason why insurance companies reward more responsible driving behavior with financial incentives such as good driver and good student insurance breaks, which apply to virtually anything you can  drive, from the family car to an ATV.  

Unfortunately, a lot of people believe that insurance is a cost that just goes out the window every money.  The truth is that it’s a protection that you can’t afford to be without.  The good news in this is that for the protection you receive for your insurance dollar, you can actually contribute to paying less for your coverage every month by operating your ATV in a responsible manner every time you ride it.  This will not only cause you fewer accidents and the resulting injuries, but you will end up paying considerably less for your ATV coverage as well.  

Of course, insurance laws and coverage options are different in each state, so please be sure to check with StateChoice for the coverage that applies to you and your situation.  In the meantime, have a safe and enjoyable ride on your ATV.  We want you to ride safe for a long time.