I’m 26 Now How Will My Auto Insurance Policy Be Affected

By the age of 26, you should’ve been enjoying lower insurance rates for about a year. Automobile insurance rates decrease when a driver who has been driving for a few years reaches the age of 25. As stated, this is only true if you are an experienced driver. If you are a new 26-year-old driver then the department of motor vehicles still allows time for incremental improvement. That means that as you drive more you’ll become more experienced and eventually your insurance premiums will decrease. When you are a new driver your liability is higher due to your inexperience, as A result, your insurance premium will be higher as well. 

Not every driver starts off as a teen driver.  When you acquire your driver’s license when you are a teen, in the state of Connecticut you must be at least 16 years of age, there are programs in place to slowly acclimate the driver to his driving responsibility. Teenagers must have a chaperone and have curfew guidelines in order to become safer drivers. Some motorists begin their tenure when they are somewhat older.  The 26-year-old driver who is new has the same restrictions once they receive a permit. Generally speaking, after three years of licensure you are considered an experienced driver. 

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