General Boat Maintenance Before Summer Boat Season

As summer is nearly in full swing, it is time to prepare your boat for that first touch of water. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been storing it at home or at a boat dock somewhere, to make sure it is properly protected and your vessel is ready to go, we at StateChoice recommend performing all these tips for your West Hartford, CT boat. 

Change the Oil

Just like any other vehicle with an engine, you need to make sure the oil is freshly changed. This is something many people with a boat forget to do, which in turn causes problems to the engine later on down the road. A good rule of thumb is to change your boat’s oil ever 100 hours of engine use or so, or at least once a year (especially if the boat has been sitting around for some time now. 

Look Over the Propeller

Before taking your boat to the water, you need to check over the boat propeller. If properly cared for during the off season this shouldn’t be a problem. However, it is possible something dinged up against the propeller or water froze on the propeller, causing it to lose its shape. If the propeller is slightly damaged remove it and have it repaired. If it is beyond repair you’ll need to replace it. 

Wash the Boat

Make sure to not only wash the side of the boat but the underside as well. It is amazing what kind of issues you might find while asking the boat. It puts you up close and personal with the boat, allowing you to touch every inch of it. This is even more important if you have taken your boat into any salt water recently. Marine boat soap is the best way to go, although you can use car wash soap in a pinch.