4 Tips For Shopping For Home Insurance in Connecticut

When purchasing a home, most homeowners might overlook home insurance as they focus all their energies on getting a dream home. However, homeowners should start shopping for home insurance as soon as they are in the process of building or buying a home. If you treat home insurance as an afterthought, you might get a half-baked deal, or you will get sub-optimal coverage. With this in mind, StateChoice of West Hartford, CT, has put a guide to help you when shopping for home insurance.

Know what your home insurance covers and what isn’t covered

Typical home insurance protects your home against various perils, including water damage, theft, vandalism, and numerous natural calamities. However, home insurance doesn’t cover damage resulting from floods, molds, pest infestation, and negligence. 

Understanding what is covered by your home insurance helps you avoid disappointments when filing a claim. Additionally, it helps you purchase extra coverage where necessary.

Pick a high enough deductible

Getting home insurance cushions you from sliding into a financial hole when disaster strikes. But if you need to save money on premiums, you need to choose a high deductible that you are comfortable with. Speaking of deductibles, homeowners should set aside funds to cover repairs that may cost less than the deductible.

Shop for additional coverages

While home insurance protects you against various perils, you may need separate coverages if your home is located in areas prone to floods, hurricanes, and wind damage. If you are unsure whether you need an additional policy, consult with your insurance agent.  

Do you need more tips when shopping for home insurance in West Hartford, CT? Please contact StateChoice for more information.