Protect Yourself Financially with Boat Insurance

Time spent on the waterways creates special moments together between family and friends.  Your boat is an investment that needs to be protected. Boat insurance is also an investment that will protect you financially should an accident occur. At StateChoice, our agents work with boat owner throughout the West Hartford, CT area to protect their investment.  We take time to understand the type of boat you have and how you use it so that we can make the best recommendations for you. 

Some believe that their boat is automatically covered by their home insurance policy.  For very small boats, this may be true but it is not the norm.  Large boats, such as yachts will have different policies than those used on lakes. 

Boat policies have several defining features.  It will offer liability coverage, mechanical equipment and physical damage to the boat.  It there is an accident while onboard, liability coverage protects the owner.  Vandalism and theft should also be part of the coverage. If your boat is only used infrequently, discuss this with your agent. There may be more economical options.  Uninsured/underinsured boater coverage is also important. Finally, the policy will cover personal possessions on the boat including sporting equipment. 

At StateChoice, our agents want you to be able to enjoy the lakes and natural scenery in the West Hartford, CT area.  They can discuss your boat insurance options that will ultimately protect you financially, in the end, should anything ever happen.  If someone is injured or your boat sinks, these things can put your finances at risk.  With just the investment of a few moments, you can get the protection you need.  Your boat is an investment that needs to be protected.  Before you head out, come in and visit with an agent!