Does a basic motorcycle policy protect me from theft?

Motorcycle owners in the greater West Hartford, CT area often wonder if their basic motorcycle policy provides sufficient coverage in the event of theft. The team at StateChoice is here to help you review all of your motorcycle policy options and determine which policy type and coverage level are right for your situation. Before you get your bike out for the spring season, it makes sense to double-check that you have the coverage you need.

Basic motorcycle insurance policies do not typically cover theft!

Unfortunately, it is unusual for a basic motorcycle policy to cover the theft of your bike. These policies typically contain some coverage for bodily injury and property damage. It is advisable to secure a comprehensive policy that will also protect you from theft and personal liability. With a comprehensive policy, you can rest assured that your bike will be covered, whether it is damaged on or off the road. 

With a basic policy, there are a lot of instances where you will be held personally liable for damage and destruction. Basic policies are just that, basic. They provide bare-bones protection that will leave you to pick up the pieces in the event that the policy limits are exceeded or your bike is the victim of a theft. Now is the right time to review your current policy for completeness and determine if you need to upgrade to a more comprehensive policy option. 

If you are a motorcycle owner in the West Hartford, CT area, it’s time to take a look at your insurance coverage. The team at StateChoice advises its clients to take a close look at comprehensive coverage to protect them in the event of theft or liability. Call or stop by today to learn more!