Weather and water damage covered by homeowners insurance

Weather and water are two of the many things that can cause severe damage to your home. While some water events are caused by weather, others are not. When you own a home, it is one of your major investments and protecting it in the event of a water or weather event is important. Weather can be an issue in all parts of the country, in Connecticut rain, snow and hail make life exciting and can be damaging to your home. The expert agents at StateChoice in West Hartford, CT are ready, willing and able to help you to navigate the treacherous waters of home insurance coverage. 


A basic home insurance policy will cover your home from damage caused by wind and rain but not by flooding caused by rain. Frozen rain in the form of ice or hail is also covered. Freezing rain or snow on your roof can cause a backup that results in water coming into your home and damaging your roof and ceilings. Your personal property may not be covered which is why it is important to talk to an agent about the specifics of your policy.  


Water takes many forms, it can be rain but it can also come from a broken pipe, frozen pipes can be an issue in the cold weather or sewer backup that can happen due to a variety of different events.  Both of these types of water damage are covered with homeowners insurance. 

Residents of the greater West Hartford, CT area can get the help they are looking for with their homeowner insurance needs at StateChoice insurance. Why not give their office a call or stop by for a no-obligation quote. They have the information you need to make sure you have the necessary weather and water coverage.