Am I required to carry boat insurance?

You may have never thought about whether you need to carry boat insurance in West Hartford, CT because you probably don’t get to use your boat most of the year. Most boats sit at home for a great deal of the years because of inclement weather and the lack of available recreational time.

If you did think about it, you may have assumed that your boat is protected under your homeowner’s policy. As long as the value of your boat doesn’t go over certain policy limits, it may be protected under your homeowner’s insurance. However, your boat is an important investment, and you may take a big loss if your boat is destroyed or stolen.

Connecticut does not require boat owners to carry insurance, but it will be important if you are ever involved in an accident where the property is damaged, such as a dock, or if a person is injured. A general liability insurance from StateChoice can keep you from having to pay for medical bills, repairs and court costs out of your own pocket. You can even get insurance that will provide towing and other roadside assistance needs.

If you still owe money on your boat, your lender probably requires you to carry a policy that provides full protection. Your loss will be their loss, too. If you fail to carry insurance, your lender may force a more expensive policy on you to protect their investment.

If you enjoy boating in West Hartford, CT, you will feel more relaxed knowing you are protected if there is an unforeseen accident. Boat insurance can be surprisingly inexpensive. Call StateChoice today to find the best boat insurance policy for your circumstances.