Surpising Causes of Traffic Jams and How Each Driver can Prevent Them

Traffic jams and congested lanes, they are a harsh reality for many drivers. These daily inconveniences are almost seen as the norm, but they don’t need to be. Many people think that slow traffic is caused by accidents, but in reality, there does not have to be an accident to bring traffic to a crawl and even the best city planning cannot avoid congestion at times. There have been several scientific studies on the science of the traffic jam, and the results are very informative. At StateChoice insurance we want our clients to know all they can about the causes of traffic jams to ensure a safe and convenient commute.

Scientific Causes of a Traffic Jam

  • Being too polite or cautious. Yep, being rude may prevent a traffic jam. This is because being too hesitant to move forward when traffic around you slows contributes to the problem. Always put safety first but recognize that sometimes it is okay to be rude and move on even if others are rubbernecking or moving too cautiously.
  • Not using the "zipper merge." Think of this, if you were walking in a group and the hallway narrowed each person would merge, often seamlessly, and continue. When the same happens on the road many times, people inside of vehicles do not merge as easily. If people could accomplish what they can do on foot in vehicles, many traffic jams could be prevented altogether. 

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