Other Vehicles Covered Under Motorcycle Insurance

When you look at motorcycle insurance, you may automatically assume it only covers a motorcycle. Well, while this is the main coverage vehicle, there are other kinds of vehicles you can insure that fall under motorcycle insurance. So, if you are looking to insure vehicles in your West Hardford or surrounding home, we at StateChoice want to make sure you have the coverage best suited for your particular needs. 


A scooter or moped falls under the same category as a motorcycle. While it is not able to travel as fast or go on highways, it is still a street legal vehicle with a registration tag on it. Plus, you may spend anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars purchasing it, which means you will want to protect it. With motorcycle insurance you can do exactly that, and as the vehicle is less expensive, the cost of your coverage will drop as well. 


While you will not be driving an ATV down the road anytime soon, it is still an all terrain vehicle you take through all sorts of locations. It doesn’t matter if you use it for hunting to reach a more secluded area of forest or if you just gear it up for some fun in the farmland, an ATV is a fun vehicle you might want to protect. We can point you to the specific kind of motorcycle insurance to opt into for protecting this vehicle, or if it is better to place it under an umbrella insurance policy, but motorcycle insurance can be purchased for this kind of a vehicle.  


There’s just nothing like riding on the back of a snowmobile. It is unlike any other vehicle out there, and it can also prove to be a helpful mode of transportation. Protect it with motorcycle insurance.