3 Packing Tips That Will Make Your Next Move A Breeze

The very idea of moving brings many people to waves of terror and stress. Moving even across town is an intricate job and if it is not done right expensive or even priceless items can be lost. 

  1. Pack unlikely items together. At first glance, there is not much logic in packing dishes and t-shirts together. Then upon contemplation, it makes perfect sense because the soft t-shirts stop the breakables from clanging together. They also weigh
  2.  less so they will fill the area without making a box too heavy. Bathroom towels go great with kitchen items that run a slight risk of being broken because if they do leak, there is already a towel to soak the mess. 
  3. Label, label, label. It may not seem to matter at the beginning of a move, but when you are unpacking, knowing certain items are can feel like life or death. For example, if you have to unpack 10 boxes to find a roll of toilet paper you will be wishing you took the time to label those boxes. You can do it by room, with a simple word showing which room to set the box in. Or you can be more detailed and start with labeling it by room, but also have a list of every item in the box. 
  4. Pack the most needed items last, so they are the first things you unpack. Toiletries, a pillow, and blanket, a few changes of clothing all should either be in a travel bag or in the last box packed so it is available first when you move in. 

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