Tips To Help When Driving Abroad

Driving abroad is not something that happens automatically without any kind of planning. You want to be safe and prepared, so there are some tips that you can easily follow. This will reduce some of the stress, especially if you are going to a country that drives on the left side of the road.

One of the first things you want to do is find out what the driving requirements are. There may be age limits imposed by the country as well as by the rental car companies. You may also require an International Driving Permit as opposed to just your standard license.

The car that you get from the rental car agency may be unfamiliar to you. It may be a stick shift and it may also require you driving on the other side of the road. Before you drive off of the rental car lot, familiarize yourself with everything.

Don’t rely solely on your cell phone for directions. Purchase or rent a GPS unit so that you always have access to directions. This can also save you money from roaming charges that could otherwise add up quickly.

Read up on some of the laws within the country you are traveling to so that you know about driving laws as well as what road signs look like. This can ensure you don’t get pulled over for breaking a law inadvertently.

Have insurance on your rental car so that you aren’t out-of-pocket for any damages. Your credit card, your insurance company, and the rental car company may all provide you with options.

It is important to have auto insurance that you can rely on. Call today and one of our agents at StateChoice can walk you through all of the options, answer questions, and obtain quotes to help you with the comparison process.