Your Landlord Isn’t Responsible For Your Belongings

Landlords generally carry insurance policies for the buildings they rent, but their policies don’t provide coverage for tenants. If you rent an apartment, condo, townhouse or house in West Hartford, CT, don’t rely on your landlord’s insurance. It won’t protect you. Instead, look for renters insurance, which is designed to provide tenants with the coverage they need.

Renters Insurance Protects Belongings

Your landlord isn’t responsible for your personal belongings, which is why their insurance won’t provide you with personal property coverage. If you want to insure your possessions, you’ll need to purchase a renters insurance policy that includes this protection. Depending on your policy’s terms and conditions, this coverage will reimburse you if your belongings are lost or damaged in a covered incident.

Renters Insurance Is Affordable

Many tenants are surprised at how affordable renters insurance is, especially if you compare rates with an independent insurance agent. Because renters insurance doesn’t have to insure rental properties (that’s what your landlord’s insurance is for), rates for renters insurance are usually much lower than homeowners insurance premiums. Independent insurance agents, however, are still able to find you the lowest rates, because they are uniquely positioned to compare policies from many different companies that offer renters insurance Connecticut.

To see just how little renters insurance could cost you, contact us at StateChoice. In addition to our online resources, we have independent insurance agents who serve West Hartford, CT. They’ll make sure that your belongings are fully protected by the policy you select, and you end up paying the lowest premiums possible. To learn more about renters insurance from one of our agents, contact us through our website or call our office.